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Rob Donovan Coaching

Helping athletes achieve their goals together

I am a seasoned Cyclocross and Mountain Bike racer. I specialize in coaching cyclocross, mountain and road disciplines. I offer individualized training plans for all types of athletes. Whether you are beginner entering your first event, a seasoned athlete chasing big ambitions or just need a one-off training plan for your next century. I use a one-on-one approach for all of my clients. I consider the whole athlete; taking into consideration the mental game, nutrition and work-life balance. Let's achieve your goals together!

USA Cycling Level 2 Coach

Training Peaks Accredited

NICA Level 1



About Me

I began riding bicycles roughly 20 years ago. I saw Lance Armstrong win his first Tour de France and was immediately hooked. I bought my first bike and I was in heaven! I joined a small team and began racing criteriums and time trials. I did this for about a year with limited success and then I discovered mountain bike racing and cyclocross. I soon realized I loved all forms of bikes and training but my racing passion was in the dirt. Over time I would see real success finishing 5th at Masters Cross Country (XC) Nationals and the following year winning the California Cyclocross (CX) Masters State Championship. I currently hold CAT 1 XC and CAT 2 in CX. Though I continue to race a full CX and XC schedule I am finding more joy in helping others achieve their goals.
During all my years of training and racing I’ve worked full time for companies such as Nestle, PepsiCo and Cintas. Balancing a 50+ hour a week job and training 10-14 hours a week is no easy task. We all have busy schedules between work, children, training and just life in general.
What I pride myself on is communication. If its daily, weekly or monthly communication via phone, text or email. Whether you are training to be at the front of the Saturday group ride, planning for your first century, or an experienced racer looking for those marginal gains. Whether you train with Power, HR or RPE I can put a program together to help you reach your goals.

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